Dave Shield wrote:
> 2008/10/21 Glenn McAllister :
>> Heres the problem. The snmpd.conf file is being processed before
>> snmp.conf. Since snmp.conf hasn't been read yet, the value for
>> clientaddr is NULL when we are processing the trapsess directives,
>> resulting in the socket binding to INADDR_ANY.

> What happens if you embed the 'clientaddr' directive within the
> snmpd.conf file?
> i.e. something like
> rwuser userblah
> agentaddress localhost:161,
> [snmp]
> clientaddr
> [snmpd]
> trapsess -v 3 -u userblah .....
> A quick test seems to indicate that this will process the clientaddr
> directive first, as required.
> Dave

And if I'd read 'man read_config' I would have seen that and saved
myself several hours of convoluted debugging...

And that works beautifully. Informs are coming off the box with the
correct source address. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the help.

Glenn McAllister +1 416 348 1594
SOMA Networks, Inc. http://www.somanetworks.com/ +1 416 977 1414

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