Thanks to Fernández Piñas and Richard Horton for this valuable
My system don´t crash know.

By the way, any suggestion how snmp change the output.bat?
The case is: in the NMS is running Linux. An user type a value to
control the voltage (between 0 and 5V) and the agent will run the
output.exe (again, it works with this syntax: C:\> output.exe
To join the name of program and the value I created output.bat in
the agent.
What can I do to SNMP modify the output.bat in the agent inserting
the value typed in the NMS?
The last help was very useful. If you can help again, I will be
grateful again.


Fernández Piñas escreveu:
> Use "cmd /c" instead of "/bin/sh"
> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: Richard Horton []
> Enviado el: miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008 14:29
> Para: Murilo Fujita;
> Asunto: Re: Script error after use *.bat file
> 2008/10/22 Murilo Fujita :
>> Hi!
>> I want to report the following fact:
>> I added in snmpd.conf file this line:
>> extend . /bin/sh "output.bat"
>> I might be barking up the wrong tree but:-

> 1. The OS you are running the output command on is Windows, 2. The OS youare running the agent on is Windows, 3. The OS you are running the walk from is Windows.
> /bin/sh is a unix style command for launching the sh shell (just as /bin/bash launches the bash shell).
> For windows you'll need something like c:\windows\ -c
> (I think it is -c to run the specified command and exit - you'll need to look at windows box as I don't have one to hand)
> --
> Richard Horton

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