2008/10/20 Mike Jones :
> My understanding is that I should be sending a set request for the oid
> of a table with the status of CreateAndGo or CreateAndWait.

A SET request with the OID of the RowStatus column, yes.

> I also looked at the snmpset tool, hoping to find a way to create
> the row that way.


> but it looks like there are no options to use the status
> CreateAndGo or CreateAndWait, due to snmpset expecting agent oid type value

snmpset ..... nsDebugTokenStatus.'newindex' i createAndGo
snmpset ..... nsDebugTokenStatus.'newindex' i 4

The value is either "createAndGo" (i.e. 4) or "createAndWait" (i.e. 5)
Note that SNMP enumerations are case sensitive, so values of
"CreateAndGo" or "CreateAndWait" won't be recognised.


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