Dear Coders,

I am new to coding for net-snmp, and having a problem, which i am
surely expecting help from you people, as follows:

When i run the following command, i get the followed error.

env MIBS="+PM-CSCF-IMS-MIB" mib2c -c mib2c.int_watch.conf .

ERROR: You don't have the SNMP perl module installed. Please obtain
this by getting the latest source release of the net-snmp toolkit from . Once you download the source and
unpack it, the perl module is contained in the perl/SNMP directory.
See the README file there for instructions.

i have tried to fix the error but am unable to do so, perhaps its
about finding "NetSNMP/"... earlier i have been using
and generating the mib code with the same above mentioned command.

Hope to have response sooner.