I've got a problem on sending a bunch of enterprise traps from my subagent,connected to master with agent x. (using net-snmp, compiled on a sun os, with sun cc and -xarch=amd64 flag, everything else is working fine).

If I send traps in a loop with send_v2trap the subagent hangs after about 50-200 traps (trap varbinds are freed with snmp_free_varbind, the traps sends some long variables and a char*), so I want to ask if there are any knownissues, or anything fixed with 5.4.2 (can't see a matching entry in CHANGES file). And only the subagent hangs, master is running fine.

To help me debugging and/or give you more details can anybody tell me the right debug options to get meaningful output?

kind regards & thanks in advance
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