Hi folks,

I am new to snmpv3 and am trying to figure out a problem. Basically, I
want to send linkUpDownNotifications and the man page says that I need
to create a snmpv3 user for that. I did all that and traps seem to be
going fine. However, I don't want to support v3 queries on the system.
So, i created a user with passphrase less than 8 characters and the
traps still go out fine.

I know that net-snmp does not allow the user to send a v3 request if
the passphrase is less than 8 characeters. My question is that if for
example there's an implementation of snmpv3 that does allow sending
requests with passphrase less than 8 characters, then, will net-snmp
respond back with the value to the query or will it give out an error
that the passphrase is less than 8 characters to the client.

I'd imagine that net-snmp will reply with an error but it would be
great if some one could answer this.


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