2008/10/13 Arazo Camprecios, Marc :
> I've implemented a table and I'm using Wireshark to see what happens when I
> call snmpwalk. First of all, there is a "get-request", then a "report" to my
> table OID,

That's probably the SNMPv3 probe to determine the engineID of the
agent that you're talking to.

> then a "get-bulk" and finally the "get-response" with the values
> for my table parameter but also for the parameters belonging to the OID
> where x goes from 1 to 12.
> Why am I getting an answer for that "weird" OID if it is neither in my code
> nor in my MIB?

The idea of GETBULK is that the client asks for "the next N values"
starting from a given point. The agent will then return this many
values, regardless if this crosses from one table to another.

So if the walk command asks for "too many" values, then the agent
will provide these extra results. The walk command will then discard
them as irrelevant, when it comes to display the results.

My guess is that your private MIB lies under ., with an
enterprise number <2021. So you're seeing the agent walking
off the end of your MIB, and into the beginning of the UCD tree.

Try experimenting with "-Cr N", to change the number of values
that are requested in any one chunk.


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