2008/10/12 brijesh gautam :
> I am using NET-SNMP 5.3.1 on ATCA architecture machine . SNMPWALK query is
> sent for Entity Physical for Entity MIB. But response received is
> "entityPhysical No Such Object available on this agent at this OID" .
> If same query is run on 2U Jarrell machine using same NET-SNMP
> version,response is received successfully.

The standard Net-SNMP agent, as distributed by the project, does
not include support for the Entity MIB. If you can successfully
query this object on your 2U Jarrell system, then either that is
using a different vendor's SNMP agent, or someone has extended
the Net-SNMP agent to implement the Entity MIB.

In either case, you'll need to talk to the vendor of that system
to find out. We can't help you. Sorry


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