I always get these error messages in /var/log/messages when try to
reconfiguration (and restart) the snmpd:

Oct 9 09:26:18 mark12-a snmpd[2930]: Reconfiguring daemon
Oct 9 09:26:18 mark12-a snmpd[2930]: NET-SNMP version 5.3.1 restarted
Oct 9 09:26:18 mark12-a snmpd[2930]: error on subcontainer '' insert (-1)

Steps to reproduce:

1 - Modify the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file. The "syscontact" section is changed
from "Mark" to "Mark1":

[root@mark12-a ~]# cat /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it was machine generated on Thu Oct 9 09:17:19 2008
# Instead, edit or re-generate /etc/resilience.conf and rerun the
# configuration script.
# Resilience snmpd configuration: specifies community string
# assignment, defines groups, views and access.

# Trap definition, if any defined here

# Community string assignment
# sec.name source community
com2sec network default public

# Group definition
# group.name sec.model sec.name
group rogroup v1 network
group rogroup v2c network

# View definition
# view.name incl/excl subtree mask
view mib2 included . fc

# Access definition
# group ctxt sec.mod sec.level prefix read write notif
access rogroup "" any noauth exact mib2 none none

# sysLocation and sysContact definition, if any defined here
syslocation hangzhou
syscontact Mark1

# sysDescr definition
sysdescr mark12 (SN# 20099), Version 10.0.0 build 60001

# Proxy definition, if any defined here


2 - Send the signal `SIGHUP' to the snmpd:
# kill -s SIGHUP `pidof snmpd`

System information:
# rpm -q net-snmp

# uname -r

This is always reproduceable when we try to reconfigure the daemon (not in the
first time the snmpd started).

Any idea? If this is a bug, is it critical? What will be affected?

Thanks in advance!

Have fun,
Xiaoming Zhang

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