I'm really struggling with this and i would very pleased if you could
help me.

I'm using a perl script to extend snmp functionality.

As you already now, when snmp "passes" the control to the perl script,
it enables the flag "-T" . Therefore, the problem is that i can't use
any tainted var inside the script.

so... i want to do things like this:

my $path = $ARGV[3];

chown 0, 0, "/tmp/$path";

and perl complains that the var is "tainted".

I perfectly understand that... and all the security reasons to work like
that... but....

1. how can i "untain" that var?
2. can i modify the way that snmp works to disable that "-T" flag when
it passes the control to the perl script?

i've tried to untain the var with any means i've found, like this one:

$path =~ s/;//g;

but none has worked so far.

do you have any ideas?

Thank you very much.

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