On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 14:22 -0400, Nicholas Jones wrote:
> I am looking at snmpd. I noticed that if you pass a LISTENING
> ADDRESSES it will still listen on port 161. Why not just have the
> listening address override the default ports? I am thinking that I
> would like to install an adapter between snmpd and the rest of the
> world. This is to take care of a proprietary chunk of software.
> It seams that the LISTENING ADDRESSES over writting the default
> ports should be the default behavoir.
> Should I make the changes to the snmp_api.c and submit a patch?

I just tried to repeat your bug (using 5.5) and the command line
snmpd udp:
and netstat then told me that snmpd used no port but 5555.

Could you please indicate what version you are using, how you call it,
what you expect to happen and what really happens.


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