Would part of my problem be that I'm not using the ANSI C compiler you
just specified? I've tried to use the packaged gcc and cc compilers that
are natively installed to no avail. The ansi c compiler you have
specified below does not seem to exist on my system. Was this something
you added on
manually from a separate package depot?



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Yalenti, Mark wrote:
> At the moment I'm not going to inundate the group with error details;

> first I'd just like to know if someone has been able to successfully

> net-snmp to compile on HP-UX 11.11 9000/800.
> In particular, can you tell me the following if you were successful: ?
> What compiler did you use and from which directory?
> What did you set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to if anything?
> What did you set your SH_LIBRARY_PATH to if anything?

I successfully build all net-snmp branches every night on various HP-UX
versions, including 11.11, with the following settings:

export CC=/opt/ansic/bin/cc
export SHLIB_PATH=/path/to/libopenssl097/lib
./configure --without-libwrap ... && make && make test

What net-snmp version are you using? Try with latest 5.4.2, please.


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at blue-cable.de)

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