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> Well, I'm developing a solution that needs to get the
> information about what protocols the device (machine) is able
> to run. I found in the Internet the
> CISCO-NBAR-PROTOCOL-DISCOVERY-MIB. Reading its description,
> it seems to do what I need. So, I downloaded a file .my from
> the following address:
> http://www.mibsearch.com/vendors/cis...ISCO-NBAR-PROT
> OK, the problem starts now.

And how!

> I don't understand how to add this MIB to the SNMP system in
> order to access the information throughout it. First, I
> copied the .my file to the "net-snmp/agent/mibgroup"
> directory and to "net-snmp/mibs". I executed so many commands
> (following many tutorials) that I'm not able to tell you
> which ones I used

It doesn't matter, really. You are getting confused sbout something fundamental, I think. There are two distinct things: a MIB, and the implementation of that MIB. The MIB describes the objects in the implementation. It is useful for helping humans understand what the implementation does, and helping computers interact with the implementation on behalf of humans. However, it is not very useful without an actual implementation. The MIB you have downloaded refers to implementations only available on certain Cisco devices - if you are not talking to one of those, then the MIB won't do you any good. To find out if your Cisco device supports this MIB, send a get-next request to the root object of the MIB. If the response is within the MIB's domain, then there is at least some support for the MIB. This assumes you have access to any implementation which may exist.



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