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> I am using Net-SNMP version

Thanks. :-)

> I tried using the net-snmp "set" command.
> I am able to set the values of variables like "system.sysName.0".
> But, when I try to set the values of objects in my MIB file,
> I get the error :-
> Error in packet.
> Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
> This name doesn't exist: BDTMIB::bDTDisplayName.0

Maybe the variable doesn't exist. More specifically, perhaps you haven't implemented your MIB correctly. Can you read this variable?

> Net-SNMP site specifies the following reasons for this error :-
> 1. The agent may not be configured to allow write access to
> this object.

Your reasoning implies this is not the issue.

> I tried giving unique community name for the object like :
> rwcommunity napublic
> BDTMIB::bDTDisplayName.0
> But, this too failed.

Of course it fails! The community name belongs to the request, not the object, and you have given neither read nor write permission to the "napublic" community. This is a red herring anyway.

> 2.Many MIB objects are defined as "read-only" and inherently cannot be
> changed via SET requests. Attempts to do so will typically
> be dropped
> by the 'snmpset' command without ever being sent to the agent.
> Ans: I ran the command as 'root'.
> How can I know if the object is inherently "read-only" ?

Look at the access type clause in the MIB definition file.

> If yes, how can I change it?

You can't unless it's your MIB...

> 3.Of those objects that can in principle be changed, the agent may not
> include the code necessary to support SET requests. (GET
> are much easier to handle - particularly for objects relating to the
> internals of the underlying operating system).
> Ans: I am using a straight forward 'set' command.

So? Have you written the code to process the set request?

> Since, I am able to set the "system" objects, I dont think
> that this is an
> issue with the code for SET request. It might be a problem
> with the access
> to the required MIB file.

It might be a problem with the object existing! MIB files are just descriptors, one must code object implementations for them to be describing actual objects.



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