2008/9/3 Ricardo Schmidt :
> Hey,
> I want to use a MIB from Cisco in an application I am creating.
> I loaded the MIB as it is taught in the net-snmp tutorial (loading a MIB to
> net-snmp tools).
> Well, my application already catch information through MIBs that are
> installed with the SNMP, like the sysUpTime.
> My question is: just loading the MIB is enough to access the information I
> want through its functionalities? If not, what is the next step? Should I
> compile the MIB or make some kind of installation?

Are you just planning to be able to read/write values from a Cisco
device (IE GET/ operations of some kind or another)?

In which case its that simple...

If you are trying to write an agent which will create the values in
the mib to replace the cisco agent then its alot more complex as
you'll need to create code so the snmpd server can initialise,
populate and access the information.

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