> Assume that you are calling the registration code with as the
> OID, then _instance registers a variable at while _scalar
> registers a variable at .0, this is useful for simple scalar
> variables that are declared outside of any table in the MIB.

So the main (only?) difference is how to register the OID; with or
without trailing .0?

>> 2) netsnmp_register_watched_instance(
>> netsnmp_create_handler_registration(
>> "two",
>> NULL,
>> my_oid2,
>> OID_LENGTH(my_oid2),
>> netsnmp_create_watcher_info(
>> (void *)&integer,
>> sizeof(integer),
>> snmpget works fine / snmpset doesn't work (wrong type or length)

> What exact commad are you issuing?

snmpset -v 1 -c private localhost i 1
which works for the example in 3). I played around with the types a bit,
but as expected, that won't work with either version.

>> 3) netsnmp_register_int_instance(
>> "two",
>> my_oid2,
>> OID_LENGTH(my_oid2),
>> &integer,
>> NULL);
>> snmpget/-set works fine

> Could you pleease check if your problem is present in the trunk

> as well? f there is a bug I would rather know about it now than later.

I can try to reproduce and check this at home.
For the record, the problem occurred using net-snmp on Fedora 9

> I failed to understand question III

Someone already helped me out in this question:

Roy M. Silvernail wrote:

> This (untested) snippet may work for your second attempt.
> oid testOid[] = {2, 100, 3};
> netsnmp_set_row_column(netsnmp_row, 2, ASN_OBJECT_ID,
> (char *)testOid, sizeof(oid));

Doesn't help me to understand how those "net-snmp OIDs" are encoded, but
as long as it works I don't mind.
However, every OID seems to be rooted at ccitt(0). When I change testOid
to {0}, I get 0.0 (which I wanted to achieve in the first place), but
{2, 100, 3} results in 0.2.x
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