We're using 5.3.1 of net-snmp as built on RHEL 5.2.

We like to set our snmpd to log to its own file (-Lf ), but during
stress testing we find it quickly overrun with messages like:

Connection from UDP: []:35735

The problem seems to be this logging from snmp_agent.c:

if (hosts_ctl(name, STRING_UNKNOWN, sbuf, STRING_UNKNOWN)) {
snmp_log(allow_severity, "Connection from %s\n", addr_string);
} else {
snmp_log(deny_severity, "Connection from %s REFUSED\n",
return 0;

It seems a bit excessive to log every successful connection, doesn't it?
Is there a way to selectively suppress the allow_severity message?
I see that it hasn't changed in the trunk, so noone else has seemed
bothered by it. Unless somehow RedHat built it with increased debug levels?