Hi all,

I met strange Phenomenon on Solaris10 box running
snmpd(5.4.1) when netstat command is executed.


# netstat -an -P tcp
Local Address Remote Address Swind Send-Q Rwind Recv-Q State
---------------- ----------------- ----- ------ ----- ------ -----------* 0 4998 0 0
UnknownState(49152) 16777343 0 0 5999 ESTABLISHED
*.49152 2965 0 0 0 ESTABLISHED
*.* *.* 1220 45776 3215 0 ESTABLISHED
*.* *.* 0 0 1220 45777

I can see wrong IP address and UnknownState...

This phenomenon occur only snmpd.conf have these configuration.

notificationEvent linkDownTrap LinkDown ifIndex ifDescr ifType
monitor -S -r 10 -e linkDownTrap "Generate linkDown" ifOperStatus == 2

Monitor function get information from /dev/arp at getmib().
netstat command get information from /dev/arp too, I think
this phenomenon occur when snmpd and netstat touch /dev/arp
at the same time.

difference between snmpd and netstat is that

- snmpd have ioctl for flush /dev/arp (kernel_sunos5.c)

if (sd >= 0) ioctl(sd, I_FLUSH, FLUSHRW);

- netstat don't have these code.

Does really snmpd need doing flush?
Any idea??


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