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> We have installed net-snmp-5.4.1. We need to add mib
> CISCO-STACK-MIB to that.
> We followed the steps given in the site
> http://www.net-snmp.org/FAQ.html#How_do_I_add_a_MIB_
> we copied the file at mibs folder c:/usr/share/snmp/mibs
> And also loaded the mib name in snmp.conf file as mentioned.
> For checking we use snmptranslate command for oid
> ( for portDuplex )
> But it is unable to translate to portDuplex.

Please cut-n-paste the exact command you are running, and the response you get.

> I am attaching snmp.conf file and also CISCO-STACK-MIB.txt
> mib file herewith.

There are several dependencies that do not resolve:

Cannot find module (FDDI-SMT73-MIB): At line 20 in ./CISCO-STACK-MIB.txt
Cannot find module (CISCO-SMI): At line 26 in ./CISCO-STACK-MIB.txt
Cannot find module (TOKEN-RING-RMON-MIB): At line 28 in ./CISCO-STACK-MIB.txt
Cannot find module (ENTITY-MIB): At line 30 in ./CISCO-STACK-MIB.txt
Cannot find module (CISCO-VTP-MIB): At line 32 in ./CISCO-STACK-MIB.txt




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