Using version 5.2.5, I am displaying a row in the
ALARM-MIB::alarmActiveTable (RFC-3877) which uses a DateAndTime type as the
2nd key. The output from net-snmp doesn't appear to decode the DateAndTime
type in either the 8 or 11 byte format correctly with the default output

[tjw@typhoon net-snmp-5.2.5]$ snmptranslate -m ALARM-MIB 0.2

Using the -OX option:

[tjw@typhoon net-snmp-5.2.5]$ snmptranslate -OX -m ALARM-MIB 0.2
ALARM-MIB::alarmActiveModelPointer[STRING: ][STRING: 2008-4-10,10:22:8.0][2]

(11 byte version of DateAndTime):

[tjw@typhoon net-snmp-5.2.5]$ snmptranslate -m ALARM-MIB .
[tjw@typhoon net-snmp-5.2.5]$ snmptranslate -OX -m ALARM-MIB .
ALARM-MIB::alarmActiveModelPointer[STRING: ][STRING:

Should the default output option work with the DateAndTime text convention
as a key?
I don't *think* my agent is generating the OID improperly although my
testers don't like the net-snmp output enough to generate a couple of bugs
against the agent. (net-snmp is the standard we test our agents against).
I searched the archives and buglists but didn't run across anything along
these lines.


-Tom Williams

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