2008/7/22 :
> Hi all,
> I am trying to add the snmpd to the inittab
> smd:2345:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/snmpd -f > /var/temp/log/snmpd.log 2>&1
> and it is ran normally. The problem is when i try to run my subagent it
> doesn't succeed in connecting and sends me a message:
> Warning: Failed to connect to the agentx master agent ([NIL])
> What I dont understand, is that when i run the snmpd in comman line (snmpd
> -f) and i run my subagent, it connects normally and everythg works fine, but
> when i add it to the inittab, it seems that the default socket isn't found
> anymore

If you are running it from inittab don't specify do not fork (IE lose
the -f) - I suspect as you've told it not to fork its terminating

Also I'd suggest pointing it to the config file you want it to use in
the inittab command line and either ensure the MIBDIR and MIBS
variables are specified prior to kicking snmpd off or add them in to
the command line.

You might find more joy using a startup script and placing it in the
relevant rc#.d directory (or what ever the equiv is for your

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