I've just realised that I never sent out a message about this.

We're intending to have another attempt to start tackling the
outstanding backlog of bugs and patches that have been
building up in the project trackers.

To this end, we will be holding a "Bug Bash" session on the
#net-snmp IRC channel, later today. This will be looking at
some of the entries in the Patches tracker, which have not
yet been accepted into the Net-SNMP project code base, but
have not been explicitly rejected either. The aim is to see
if we can come to some agreement about what to do with these
various patches, and allocated volunteers to each one, to make
sure that something actually happens.
There is a summary of these patches, grouped into some
semblance of a logical order, on the project Wiki at

You are therefore hereby invited to the Second Inaugural [+]
Net-SNMP Bug Bash - to be held today, Monday 21st July,
between 19:00 and 20:00 UTC

(That's 9pm in most of Western Europe, 8pm in the UK
and Ireland, 3pm on the East Coast of the USA, and noon
on the West Coast. See
for the equivalent time elsewhere)

Apologies for the very short notice!


[+] Not a description that you are likely to come across very often....

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