Hi All!

I have next problem:

I have cluster with physical ipAddress for each machine and with virtual
address for cluster. And when i send trap from any machine i receive it
on destination host as from physical ipAddress, but it's need to receive
it as from virtal (cluster) address.

Traps V2c, not V1.

I tried in snmp.conf (for example):


but i still receive as from physical adress. And it seems works only for
comman-line applications.

In C code i tryed something like:

char *agent = "hostfrommynetwork";
if (agent != NULL) {
struct hostent *hinfo = gethostbyname(agent);
*pdu->agent_addr = *((u_long *)(hinfo->h_addr));

But i still receive traps as from physical address.

So, is there way to send traps V2c as from virtual host (the same as in



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