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> I am seeing a strange issue with returning the OID that I
> just walked using snprint_objid() When I do a GETNEXT using
> SNMP V1, the function returns the OID in a dotted number
> notation (with the exception of the first number, which
> always comes back as "iso"), so my OID returned looks like:
> "iso."
> However, when I do a GETNEXT using SNMP v3, snprint_objid()
> returns the OID in a "MIB:idname.number" format instead,
> e.g. "SNMPv2-MIB::sysContact.0"

Then v3/v1 is not the only difference between the two commands. You have MIBs available in your v3 environment, but not your v1 environment. Passing `-M ""` to your v3 getnext command will make it display the .iso.3 format.

> Does anyone know why I might be seeing such a discrepancy?
> Unfortunately, other parts of the application have grown to
> rely on the OID coming back in the "iso.3.6.1..." format, so
> I would like to find a way at a minimum to get OIDs returned
> from V3 walks to look like their V1 counterparts (however it
> would actually be handy if I could get the OID to return in
> *both* formats for V1 and V3). How would I do this?

`-M all`

Make sure you have your MIBDIRS env var pointed to the right place. See the snmpcmd man page for full details. I recommend reading that page top to bottom.

> Interestingly, the snmpget utility that was built on my
> machine at the same time I built the net-snmp client library
> always returns this in a "MIB:idname.number" format,
> regardless of the version of the protocol used.

That's `-OS`. Now go read the page to show how thankful you are. ;-)



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