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> After running ./configure whenever I run make,make clean or
> make install the result is the same and it goes through an
> infinite loop and prints a lot of lines and asks over and
> over the questions like >>>default version of SNMP to use(3)
> >>>>System contact information(root)....>>>location to write

> logfile(var/log/snmpd.log)....
> It seems "make" is indeed configuring the net-snmp...

My bet is that you're not waiting for configure to finish running before typing "make" at the prompt...

Try putting this in a file, say mknsnmp.sh:

============================ SNIP ===================8<-----------------------

# Run from the build dir

../configure --with-default-snmp-version=3 --with-sys-contact="Me" --with-sys-location="Planet Earth" --with-logfile=/var/log/snmpd.log --with-persistent-directory=/var/net-snmp

echo "OK, I'm done now. You may proceed to make."
============================ SNIP ===================8<-----------------------

Review and modify to suit your needs, then:

$ sh mksnmp.sh



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