Travis Howle - PGL, Inc. wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I have a really quick question and was wondering if anyone out there
> could help me.
> I am trying to write a system in VB.NET or C# that will use your
> Net_SNMP library to SET an attribute located on an Enterasys Networks
> Switch. A little background, right now Iím using a telnet library to
> connect to the switch and execute a command, and recently found the
> need to secure things by using SNMP and passing authentication
> credentials to the switch and somehow setting the value.

For the authentication issues, I'm assuming that you're wanting to use
SNMP v3 with some type of encryption. For info on that, you can check
the documentation at for
setting up SNMP v3 access.

As to writing a new system in VB or C#: why?? The snmpset command -
which would be built with the libraries - should be able to do
everything you just described from a simple batch script. Look at the
tutorial for snmpset here: to see if that would
do it for you.
> Iím not really familiar with exactly how to do this and would greatly
> appreciate any help given.

The wiki is the place to start, really.


-=Tom Nail

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