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Alejandro Islas wrote:
> HI, I need to know if some custom processes run on my linux servers.
> I've been looking around for options and found the proc option in
> snmpd.conf file, I have some questions about it. Do I only need to add
> my processes to the configuration file using the proc command????

That' s correct.
> I will not be monitoring standard processes like sendmail, mountd,
> etc. I want it to monitor our private processes with which our
> applications run?? Do I have to implement any kind of code into the
> net snmp agent in order to check the existance of my processes?? How
> does it work???

You shouldn't have to add any code to get this particular feature
working. The snmpd daemon is basically scanning the /proc filesystem for
a process that is named . It does have to be an
exact match, IIRC (i.e., "proc ntp" won't find processes named "ntpd"),
but you should know what your process is going to be named, correct? =)


-=Tom Nail

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