2008/7/9 :
>>Duplex status is a concept that is particularly applicable to Ethernet
>>(and similar) networks. It is covered by the MIB object
>>EtherLike-MIB::dot3StatsDuplexStatus (RFC 3635)

> Ok. Since I did not get grep results for this in the agent
> implementation I believe that it is not implemented.


> There are a bunch of other things in my wishlist which I would like to
> see implemented in the net-snmp implementation namely -
> dot3StatsAlignment
> dot3StatsMultipleCollisionFrames-Generic
> dot3StatsLateCollisions-Generic
> dot3StatsSingleCollisionFrames-Generic
> dot3StatsExcessiveCollision-Generic

If you wish to try implementing the EtherLike-MIB, go right ahead.

> Dave - Is it possible to know about the release cycles for the next
> version of net-snmp? I tried looking at
> http://www.net-snmp.org/dev/schedule.html for the schedules

That's the place to look, yes.
It's slightly out of date (since 5.2.5 is now out),
but it's broadly correct.
The next release will definitely be 5.4.2, and
it's up to me to get that moving again.

> I believe we would like to contribute or work with the list on patches
> to get the above features implemented and the kind of timelines that the
> release cycle/patch submissions tie in will help.

A new implementation such as the EtherLike would only really be
appropriate for inclusion in the 5.5 line. So it would be sensible
to try and get this implemented over the summer.
Pushing for a Q4 release for 5.5 feels about right. I'm certainly
intending to concentrate on coding rather than the mailing lists
for the foreseeable future.


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