2008/6/10 B Venkat S R Swamy :
> Is there any order defined in the protocol, in which the rowstatus field for
> a tabular object should come in a multi-varbind SET PDU.

>From RFC 1905:

Each of these variable assignments occurs as if simultaneously with
respect to all other assignments specified in the same request.

> Suppose in a particular SET PDU, there are four object, 3(c1,c2,
> rowstatus) belonging to one table and another scalar object(s1).
> what are valid and invalid combinations among following sample scenario:

All four of these are valid, and equivalent.
They should all have exactly the same effect.

You cannot assume a particular ordering of varbinds in a request.
That's one of the things that complicates SET processing.

Note that you can use the multi-pass mechanism of the Net-SNMP
agent to handle this problem.


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