2008/5/9 Wes Hardaker :
> TA> Taking a step back, the major question is: are we willing to offer
> TA> packaging for other Linux distros than RedHat/Fedora?
> My view has always been: *we* should support all distributions *someone*
> is willing to support (linux or otherwise). Fedora has consistently
> been supported because many of us run it. I think we should happily
> produce debian packages too if someone is willing to package it up.

I've just done a quick scan of the current official binaries available for
the various release lines. I have to say that it look's a little bit scrappy
at the moment. It might be worth a mini push to try and get a consistent
set of binaries for the most recent versions of each line.
(If only to retire the older versions, and hence simplify the File
Release pages).

Current binaries:
5.4.x line:
5.4.1: Fedora 6, Windows (with+without ssl support)
5.4: Fedora 5, Windows (w/out ssl), HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11

5.3.x line:
5.3.1: Fedora 5, Windows (w+w/out ssl), HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11 Fedora 4, RHEL 4, YDog 4, <+one other Linux>
Windows (w+w/out ssl), HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11

5.2.x line:
5.2.3: HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11
5.2.2: Fedora 4, RHEL 4, YDog 4
Windows (w/out ssl), HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11
SunOS 5.6, 5.7, 5.9

5.1.x line:
5.1.4: Fedora 4, HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11 Fedora 2, 4, RH9, RHEL 4, YDog 4
Windows (w/out ssl), HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11

5.0.x line:
5.0.11: Fedora 5 Fedora 2, 4, RH9 <+one other Linux>
HP-UX 10.20,11.00,11.11


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