2008/5/9 :
> Then i've downloaded "example mib module"(nstAgentModuleObject.c)
> and "header file"(nstAgentModuleObject.h ) and put them into the
> directory:/usr/local/src/net-snmp-5.1.4/agent/mibgroup.

Is this where you unpacked the source tarball?
[Note that this is a very old version, and no longer being maintained.
But that shouldn't affect whether you can add a new MIB or not.]

> Secondly,I entered the commands in the terminal as follows:
> # export MIBS=ALL
> # ./configure --with-mib-modules="nstAgentModuleObject"
> # make
> # make install

This is from /usr/local/src/net-snmp-5.1.4/agent/mibgroup - yes?

Did you start the new agent?

Is there a vendor-supplied version of the Net-SNMP agent already installed?
Did you stop that first? (Or better, remove it completely before starting with
the self-compiled version).


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