2008/5/9 Andreas Mauderer :
> I want to send this trap, decribed in a SMIv2 MIB, as SNMPv1 trap:
> upsTrapAlarmEntryAdded NOTIFICATION-TYPE
> OBJECTS { upsAlarmId, upsAlarmDescr }
> STATUS current
> "This trap is sent each time an alarm is inserted into
> to the alarm table. It is sent on the insertion of
> all alarms except for upsAlarmOnBattery and
> upsAlarmTestInProgress."
> ::= { upsTraps 3 }
> As SNMPv2 trap it works fine with this line:
> snmptrap -v 2c -c public "" .
> But I don't know, how to send a SNMPv1 trap. Which Enterprise OID should
> I choose?

. (i.e. upsTraps)

The generic trap value should be 6,
and the specific trap value should be 3

It would actually have been better if the UPS-MIB had defined these
traps to have the OID .{1,2,3,4}
But it's too late now - that's their mistake, and you can't fix it.


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