2008/5/9 Raghavendra Prasad :
>> Which files in particular are you having trouble with?

> It complains about PERL module, during make install(make works fine)
> it tries to write to a root folder(which is related to PERL module). I
> was not expecting installation process from a non-root user trying to
> write into root folders.

In general, the installation process will put things in the prefix
location that you have specified. If you have write permission to
this, there shouldn't be any problem.

The exception is the perl modules.
These have to be installed to somewhere that the perl binary
will look for them in, so the installation destination is taken from
the perl configuration, rather than the "configure --prefix" value.

The easiest fix would probably be to drop perl from the build
altogether. Try

configure --without-perl-modules
make install

Or else tweak the top-level Makefile to remove "perlinstall" from


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