2008/5/8 Thomas Anders :
> Taking a step back, the major question is: are we willing to offer
> packaging for other Linux distros than RedHat/Fedora?

Ideally, yes.
I'd be inclined to suggest we start by drawing up a provisional
list of which distributions it's worth considering providing
packages for.

> Since a single spec file for all is impractical in my experience, a
> "yes" would mean moving current dist/net-snmp.spec and dist/*init.d into
> a new sub-directory dist/linux-redhat-esque (or the like) and start
> supporting other groups of distros by creating additional packaging
> files in dist/linux-suse-esque etc.

How different are the spec/init.d/conf requirements of the
distributions under consideration? If there are files that can
be used in common across multiple dists, then it wouldn't
seem sensible to have duplicate versions. If they are all
significantly different, then parallel subdirs would be sensible.

But until we've decided which distributions we're interested in
supporting, and hence what the relevant files look like - it's difficult
to make any sensible suggestions.


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