Wes Hardaker wrote:
> I see a few choices that are acceptable:
> 1) provide our own list of packages and add conflicts lines
> 2) provide multiple spec files that better track the remote systems
> (possibly autobuilt from a single base template but split differently
> to match the different systems).

I'd say: both. :-)

Seriously, the approach I'm currently using for the net-snmp packaging
at the openSuSE Build Service is to have one set of packaging files for
each group of distros (RedHat-esque, SuSE-esque, Debian-based etc.).
Within each group, we can always make our own choice on how to best
split into sub-packages.

Taking a step back, the major question is: are we willing to offer
packaging for other Linux distros than RedHat/Fedora?

Since a single spec file for all is impractical in my experience, a
"yes" would mean moving current dist/net-snmp.spec and dist/*init.d into
a new sub-directory dist/linux-redhat-esque (or the like) and start
supporting other groups of distros by creating additional packaging
files in dist/linux-suse-esque etc.



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