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    thanks a lot your reply.

    I´ll do some tries to understand Microsoft SNMP agent. If the
problem persists, I´ll change to Net-SNMP.



Dave Shield wrote:
cite="mid:c64ae3380805080705r3cbd49c9n10c43f0b65557a6f@m ail.gmail.com"
2008/5/8 Murilo Fujita <murilofujita@yahoo.com.br>:

    I´m using cygwin and I need that Microsoft agent understands the
following instruction:

extend . shelltest /bin/sh /home/murilo/script1.sh

The Microsoft agent will *not* understand that directive.
It's part of the private configuration of the Net-SNMP agent.

These are two completely different applications, and the way you
configure one will be completely different to the way you configure
the other.
In the same way as configuring Microsoft's IIS server will be
different to configuring Apache.
Or the settings for Internet Explorer are different to those for Firefox.

Just because two applications perform the same basic task,
that doesn't mean you can treat them as completely interchangeable.

I have no idea whether Microsoft's agent is extensible in the same way
that the Net-SNMP agent is. You would need to ask Microsoft about that.