>>>>> On Tue, 06 May 2008 12:09:40 +0200, Jan Safranek said:

JS> Question is, whether we want such Fedora-only dependencies in the .spec.
JS> And another question is what about other distros - quick look at
JS> Mandriva shows, that they have completely different packaging of Net-SNMP.

That's always been a problem. A bigger problem is that just about every
distribution has changed their packaging in some way over time. At one
point, eg, we were a close copy of the fedora packaging (back before you
were maintaining it) and slowly over time it diverged.

I see a few choices that are acceptable:

1) provide our own list of packages and add conflicts lines
2) provide multiple spec files that better track the remote systems
(possibly autobuilt from a single base template but split differently
to match the different systems).

JS> Second issue is that most distributions provide sample configuration
JS> file in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. Why don't we distribute one?

We got tired of people just trying to use the base config and
complaining that it didn't work.

Maybe something that says:

# please run "snmpconf -g basic_setup"

Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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