2008/5/6 Jan Safranek :
> Fedora splits Net-SNMP to many subpackages....
> And another question is what about other distros - quick look at
> Mandriva shows, that they have completely different packaging of Net-SNMP.

Checking the "major" distributions (as listed in Wikipedia),
the main groupings seem to be as follows:

net-snmp{ , -devel, -libs, -perl, -utils}
Ark, CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, Scientific

libnet-snmp{ N, -devel, -static-devel}
net-snmp{ , -mibs, -tkmib, -trapd, -utils}
perl-NetSNMP (?)
Annvix, Mandriva, PCLinux

net-snmp, net-snmp-devel
openSuSE, SuSE, Yoper

Plus two other single-distribution formats:
PLD: ucd-snmp{ , -devel, -libs, -snmptrapd, -statuc, -utils, -utils-perl}
ALT: lib{net, ucd}-snmp{ , -devel}, net-snmp-mibs, perl-Net-SNMP (?)

There seem to be some minor differences within these groups
(e.g. which types of library are packaged where), but the basic
contents seem fairly consistent.

> Second issue is that most distributions provide sample configuration
> file in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. Why don't we distribute one?

Mostly historical, I think.
The aim of our binary distributions has tended to aim for something similar
to the results of a simple
"configure ; make ; sudo make install"

That doesn't attempt to install any configuration files, so the binary
packages don't either. But it's perfectly reasonable to review both
aspects of that policy.


PS: Welcome!

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