2008/5/6 Mike Ayers :
> machine$ snmptranslate -Ts .
> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises
> machine$ snmptranslate -IR -Ts .
> Unknown object identifier: .

> The "-IR" flag is supposed to index MIBs, yes?

It's meant to turn on/off "random access lookup",
so you can specify a bare MIB object name,
rather than having to qualify it.

> It should have had no effect here, yes?

It's only relevant when referring to MIB objects by name,
not by numeric OID. It should have no effect here - yes.

I can reproduce this behaviour - it looks like a bug.

> I started out trying to add the current directory to MIBDIRS so I could analyze a MIB file there

The simplest way to do that would probably be to use the MIBFILES
environmental variable,
to point to the individual file that you're interested in. (Rather
than extending or replacing
the MIBDIRS search list)

But the behaviour described above definitely looks wrong.


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