2008/5/7 anilkumar :
> My current requirement is to write test applications of snmp agent( eg for
> bandwidth measuring) in C language.(c, linux).
> what all the basic things I should know?

There are two aspects you need to be clear about.

a) What information you need to work with
b) How to send an SNMP request, and handle the results.

> How to start about it?

I would start by forgetting about writing your own code.
Begin by using the existing command-line tools
(snmpget, snmpgetnext, snmpwalk, etc), and try
interrogating your remote agent that way.

This will help you clarify exactly what information you
need to retrieve. You may find that a shell script built
using these tools is actually sufficient for your needs.
(Which would save you having to write code at all).

Even if you do then decide to write a dedicated application,
the experience gained with the command-line tools will
help you in designing the behaviour of your application.

You can also look at the source for snmpget.c et al,
to show how to create an SNMP request, send it,
and process the results.

But I would definitely start with a command-line driven


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