Jan Safranek wrote:
> Fedora splits Net-SNMP to many subpackages - net-snmp (the server),
> net-snmp-utils (the clients), net-snmp-libs, net-snmp-perl,
> net-snmp-devel and net-snmp-gui (for tkmib). The rpms we distribute at
> SF.net download page are split differently and do not force removal of
> the Fedora packages, i.e. Fedora's net-snmp-utils won't get removed when
> user installs our net-snmp.rpm. The easy solution is to add Conflicts:
> and Provides: statements to our .spec to clearly replace Fedora packages.
> Question is, whether we want such Fedora-only dependencies in the .spec.

The Linux packaging in SVN (dist/net-snmp.spec, dist/*init.d) already
*is* RedHat/Fedora-centric anyway. Improving it to allow for easier
installation of our packages on RedHat/Fedora machines while properly
dealing with native packages is a Good Thing, IMHO. For the moment I'd
vote for the "easy solution" (Conflicts: and Provides: statements)
instead of changing the sub-package splitting. on RedHat/Fedora package splitting from the archives here>

> And another question is what about other distros - quick look at
> Mandriva shows, that they have completely different packaging of Net-SNMP.

Which may well be another reason for not necessarily following the
vendor's way of splitting the package, but focusing on proper Conflicts:
and Provides: statements instead.

> Second issue is that most distributions provide sample configuration
> file in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. Why don't we distribute one?

That's actually two questions in one:

1) What SNMPCONFPATH should we use for each distro?
2) Should we install an initial snmpd.conf somewhere along SNMPCONFPATH
instead of just providing our EXAMPLE.conf in the docdir?


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