2008/5/2 CHAHIBI Samira :
> i have installed net-snmp-5.1.1,

That is a *VERY* old version, and the 5.1.x line isn't being maintained
any more. It's not even the most recent version on that line!

We would *STRONGLY* suggest that you install a somewhat less
antique version.

> after a ./configure...make...make install
> Itried to verify that I have the configuration file snmpd.conf

The source distribution does not include a default snmpd.conf.
It's up to you to configure the agent yourself.
See 'snmpd.conf(5)' and/or the snmpconf utility.

> or the deamon snmpd under init.d, but there aren't.

Different O/S's use a range of mechanisms for controlling
system services. If you're compiling from source, the install
process doesn't attempt to handle this. It's up to you to craft
something suitable for yourself.

You might be better off installing a pre-compiled distribution
(either from us, or your O/S vendor), which typically will
include a slightly more complete environment, tailored for
that OS


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