2008/5/1 Baltazar Francois :

> we are using version 5.1.1

I've doubtless said this before, but that is a *very* old version,
and is no longer being supported.

> in order to implement the code we need to use the function
> "netsnmp_insert_table_row" which is not present in this version of net-snmp.
> My question is if exists an equivalent function on this version that shall permit
> to insert a newly created row into a request?

Probably not.
That particular function was added in Nov 2003 - see SVN revision 9172.
This seems to be shortly after the 5.1.x line was released, so will presumably
have been part of the new development code that was eventually released
as 5.2

> If not, is it possible to create rows into tables with this net-snmp version ?

Two options spring to mind.

Either use "out-of-band" communication (e.g. a static variable) to pass
the new row between SET passes, rather than pulling it out of the request

Alternatively add the 'netsnmp_insert_table_row' functionality into your
5.1.1 installation - either as part of the table_data helper, or in your own
MIB module code. That's not particularly clean design, but it should
work OK.

Or else upgrade to a non-obsolete version :-)


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