Many thanks to Dave for his response, now its working fine.

Just one more question, we are using version 5.1.1 with a table that includ=
e a field "read-create" which shall allow creation of new rows on the table=
, but in order to implement the code we need to use the function "netsnmp_i=
nsert_table_row" which is not present in this version of net-snmp. =

My question is if exists an equivalent function on this version that shall =
permit to insert a newly created row into a request?

If not, is it possible to create rows into tables with this net-snmp versio=
n ?

Kind regards,
Fran=E7ois Baltazar

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alf Of Dave Shield
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To: Baltazar Francois
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2008/4/29 Baltazar Francois :
> But I am having trouble with tables which have indexes not followed =

> like that :
> Table
> |-----Index1
> |-----Column1
> |-----Index2
> |-----Column2
> My question is, is it really possible to implement a table with two =

> indexes that are not followed ?

It's unusual, but shouldn't be a problem.
Specifying the accessible columns would be a little more complex than usual=
, but it should work,

What sort of trouble are you seeing?


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