On Wed, 30 Apr 2008 15:02:11 +0100
"Dave Shield" wrote:

> But is that (at least in part) because snmpd is playing nasty?
> Checking the relevant code, it seems to be lifted verbatim from
> the "mii-diag" tool, which dates from around 2003. Even then,
> the original code talks about "new or old SIOCGMIIPHY" values.
> (with SIOCDEVPRIVATE being the "old" value).
> Five years on, I'm tempted to suggest that there is no point in
> supporting this (presumably) transitional/experimental old ioctl.
> It would be safer (as well as simpler) to drop mention of
> SIOCDEVPRIVATE altogether, and just use the SIOCGMII*
> ioctly (and refer to them by name, rather than number!)
> I'll float this idea on the -coders list, and see what the other
> developers think.

Ok, I have a few machines around with this particular NIC. On some it
isn't (wasn't) possible to run snmpd. So I just compiled the source from
Debian unstable (5.4.1) and installed that version. But unfortunately
without result:

[snip many lines like these:]
Apr 30 19:41:45 fw2 kernel: 1f 350a31f0 00000000 00000000(00) 00000000
Apr 30 19:41:45 fw2 kernel: TxListPtr=00000000 netif_queue_stopped=0
Apr 30 19:41:45 fw2 kernel: cur_tx=0(00) dirty_tx=0(00)
Apr 30 19:41:45 fw2 kernel: cur_rx=0 dirty_rx=0
Apr 30 19:41:45 fw2 kernel: cur_task=0
Apr 30 19:41:45 fw2 kernel: TxStatus=0000

If you really want I can try the latest tarball, but I understand that
this should not make much difference from the 5.4.1 version.


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