2008/4/30 Varun Chandramohan :
> There is a patch you can try out if you need it
> urgently......https://sourceforge.net/tracker/inde...94&atid=312694
> This can be applied on the dev version net-snmp 5.5 (svn) and tried.......Am i right dave?

Yes - you're right, and I'm a grumpy old sod who should be put out to
pasture :-(
Sorry, Arif.

I'd been expecting that any re-working of the ICMP-related information would be
done as part of the 'if-mib' re-write, rather than added to the
original 'mibII/icmp.c' code.
My mistake.

Though I note that this patch (and the icmpStatsTable code) do appear
to be Linux only.
I don't believe Arif has mentioned what O/S he's using.


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