2008/4/29 Samir Cury :
> but on another host, i JUST COPIED THE CONF FILE
> (any problem doing that? i don't think so)

It depends on the contents of the config file.
If the source system is running a newer version
of the software than the destination system,
and the config file includes directives that have
been added between the two, then the destination
agent may well barf on some aspects of the config file.

But in general, this will simply mean generating
error messages for the new directives. It wouldn't
normally prevent the older agent from working.

> [root@darkstar user]# snmpget -c mycomm -v 2c localhost
> .
> IF-MIB::ifHCInOctets.3 = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

So the second system doesn't implement the full IF-MIB.
It probably just implements the original RFC 1213 'interfaces' group.

> -Fedora 7 with package version net-snmp-5.4-17.fc7
> -CentOS 4 with package version net-snmp-5.1

The 5.1 release is almost five years old by now.
It's not even the most recent version on the 5.1.x line,
and this line is no longer being supports.

> Do you think can be the version of the package?

Yes - I think it's almost certainly the version of the package!
The IF-MIB implementation first appeared in the 5.2 line,
and didn't become part of the default build until 5.4 (I think).

Try upgrading your CentOS system.


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