2008/4/30 ntwrkd :
> I can create my own MIB, but how does the mib know how to retrieve the
> information from the application??

You write the code to do this.

> Would I have to write my own snmp agent?

Not the complete agent, no.
But you would need to write the MIB module code
to plug into the main SNMP agent.

Please see the FAQ entries about extending the agent,

> Lets say I want to get snmp to return data for a custom application I
> have written on linux.
> How would I go about starting out to get snmp to retrieve information
> from this application?

The simplest way would probably be to use the "extend" mechanism
to run a suitable command, which would report the information you
are interested in.
That would allow you to retrieve this information, without having
to define and implement a MIB.

See 'snmpd.conf(5)' for details.

> What about retrieving data that isn't in the ucd-snmp mib from a linux host.

What about it?
It's perfectly possible, by extending the agent (as outlined above,
and in the FAQ).


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