>>>>> On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 08:21:15 -0400, "Bell, Adam" said:

AB> The request data structure is all the incoming data given to the
AB> processing handler. It seems to be a list of requests, each with
AB> different lists of varbinds (although mostly common to each other).

It is a list of requests, and it's normally labeled "requests"

You should actually loop through them all and they should all be
specifically targeted to that functions registered OID space.

Thus, you should be able to do what you want: collect information and
then loop through the requests and assign the values to the appropriate
varbinds in the requests list.

AB> I first thought the request->processed flag would do the trick but
AB> subsequent requests in the list could contain the vbs I need to look
AB> at.

You're actually supposed to check the processed flag and not work on the

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Sparta, Inc.

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