2008/4/29 Amit Kumar :
> we have net-snmp-config script to create the snmpv3 users and user information (Authentication/Encryption)
> get stored in our persistent configuration file (/var/net-snmp/snmpd.conf).
> is this script is required in our target ....or our mib browser will take care of that based on the toolkit (net-snmp).

The SNMPv3 users need to be created in the /var/net-snmp/snmpd.conf
file that the
remote agent will be reading (i.e. on the target system, not on the
client side).

But this is simply a text file, which you can edit in any way you wish.
You don't have to use the net-snmp-config script to do this.

Once you've got initial SNMPv3 users configured, you can use command-line tools
(such as snmpusm) to create new users remotely. But the first batch of SNMPv3
users will need to be created on the target system itself.


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